5 Movies With “Real” Ghosts In Them



Over the years, there have been several movies that have had uninvited guests popping up on screen with the paid actors.

There have also been several movies that have had strange; one would even say supernatural happenings, that have plagued the movie sets during production and after.

It is up to you to decide if these are truly supernatural or just strange coincidences.

1. Ghost In “Three Men And A Baby?”

“Three Men and a Baby” was a movie released in 1990 starring Ted Danson. During the movie, Ted and his mother are walking through his house. In a split second you can see what appears to be the ghost of a young boy in the background hiding within the curtains of a window.

Rumors circulated once the movie hit VHS that the ghost was a boy who had died in the house where the movie was filmed. There’s even a clip on YouTube with the apparition so check it out, if you dare…

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