Furious 7: Can We Be Unbiased?




One last drive was it? But here we are again with the same crew and basically the same story. Led by Vin Diesel, the Furious franchise is still going strong with the accent on the family. What family you might wonder, well the artificial family with only one thing in their mind. Profit.

Unfortunate death of Paul Walker added to the untouchablsness of this movie, but it also aided the ratings and hype. We’re leave it at that. Lets move on the the generic story, artificial emotions and wooden acting. Target group are teenagers, so most of the conversations are like that, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to have some back story that’s going to be that nutriment for the rest of us.

Granted, action and explosions are great, setting the new standard in action movies, where you can see more unbelievable scenes in this movie than in any video game. Yap, you will see races at the edge of the mountain and cars that are parachuting right on the road….

At least you will be mildly entertained during this product.[actors]

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