Furious 7 Has Record-Breaking First Week



If you’re looking for the first real blockbuster performance of the year, look no further than to Furious 7. In the first week of showing, the movie made a staggering amount of money, doing an estimated $143.6 million in the U.S. and another $384 million worldwide.

Compared to Furious 6, which made $97.4 million in its first week back in 2013, the new installment made 50% more money. And for comparison’s sake, the movie made slightly less in its first week than the first Fast & Furious movie made for the full year back in 2001.

It’s actually quite an achievement, considering that this is the seventh movie in the franchise. Of course, the numbers were definitely bolstered by the untimely death of the movie’s star Paul Walker and the announced tribute to the star that is featured in the new movie.

How big was the opening weekend? The ninth biggest of all time, right behind Spider-Man 3.

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