Fury’s Tiger Tank Has Come A Long Way From WW2 To Hollywood



Fury director David Ayer wanted every single detail in the movie to look right and went to great lengths to give the drama the authenticity so many war movies lack.

The production team had to sew over 700 military uniforms only to destroy them to look like the soldiers went through bloody battles and long campaigns. The cast underwent a rigorous month-long course of boot camp and had to get used to the idea of actually living inside a tank. Former British Army soldier David Rae worked closely with Ayer to make the WW2 movie as real as possible.


Columbia Pictures

Most importantly, the tanks in the movie were real wartime tanks and WW2 veterans gave the crew advice. Remarkably, the Tiger that appears in the film is the world’s last functional German Tiger tank captured in North Africa way back in 1943. Currently residing in the Bovington Tank Museum in England, the fearsome machine destroyed two British tanks before the Allies seized it. Apart from its formidable reputation, this Tiger is the only genuine Tiger tank ever used in the production of a WW2 movie.


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