‘Get Hard’ And ‘Home’ Compete This Weekend At The Box Office



Hilarous comedy “Get Hard” and an animated family film “Home” will compete for the top spot at the box office during upcoming weekend.

“Get Hard” could make anything in between $30 and $40 millions at the box office, while a Dream Works Animation movie has a bit lower expectations in a range of $30 to 35$ million. These are all predictions and predictions can be wrong, although we hope they are not because Get Hard seems like a really good comedy and Home is a bit more commercial.

Directed by Etan Cohen and sporting a budget of $40 million dollars, Get hard follows a bit naive and uptight man, James King who is sentenced to a relatively long prison time for financial fraud. In order to survive his stay in the joint he enlists Darnell Lewis to help him with the street cred. Home is a movie about an alien who accidentally ends up on Earth, featuring Rihanna and Jim Parsons as the voices of Oh and Tip.

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