Get Ready For An Easter Movie Marathon



Easter is coming and the question of the appropriate movie for those family nights must be answered. We’ll help you with that with a classic The Passion of the Christ, a movie that has a really good replay value, like most of the biblical movies. 

Again, this is not a rule, because we saw that the Noah was pretty lame, so lets stick to the basics. Directed by Mel Gibson, this 2004 gem is a movie with phenomenal cast and excellent pacing. You all know the story so we’ll focus on some other aspects like scenography and pacing. Mel really went out of his way to make a movie that’s going to stand the test of time and employed an army of workers to make the sets look as realistic as possible.

The fact that the actors had to learn Aramaic just proves that point. Concentrated on the last twelve hours of his life, The Passion of Christ has been said to be too violent. We can understand Mels’ intention to show us the torture and the pain that Jesus had to endure, but we have to wonder is this a real family film? But the question that follows is are trying to hide our children from pain and harsh realities of life that they are going to learn anyways…

Whatever the answer may be, one thing is sure, The Passion Of Christ is one of those movies that’s going to be remembered for decades.

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