“Goodnight Mommy” Trailer Will Make You Lose Sleep


Honestly, this could be one of the freakiest movie trailers ever. “Goodnight Mommy” is a new German horror movie that actually comes with a pretty original idea. There are two twins boys living in a remote house somewhere out in the woods. Their mother goes away to get some plastic surgery done and when she comes back, it’s like she’s not the same person anymore.

There’s lots of scary stuff going on in this trailer. The location itself is pretty eerie. You don’t need to know German to be frightened by this, since the mother, who is definitely the scariest part, doesn’t even speak. She does eat cockroaches though!

Has their mom been completely changed into a monster? Is it even the same person that came back after the surgery? What does she look like under those bandages? Watch the movie to find out, if you dare!

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