Here’s Why The Upcoming Tupac Biopic Is Bound To Fail



The Tupac Shakur biopic has finally started filming in Atlanta. The movie entitled “All Eyez On Me” is being directed by Benny Boom and the role of Tupac has been given to Demetrius Shipp Jr.

The auditions for the role were opened by Morgan Creek Productions and producer L.T. Hutton asked Shipp to play the lead due to his uncanny resemblance to the late rapper. Shipp has been taking acting classes four days a week to prepare for his role in the movie, according to TMZ.

Besides Shipp, the cast will be joined by an actor who’s quite familiar with playing rappers, Jamal Woodard. He’s known for playing Biggie Smalls in “Notorious” and will be reprising his role in ”All Eyez On Me.” Kat Graham will also join the cast as Jada Pinkett Smith, along with Hill Harper.

We’re sure that hip-hop fans worldwide have their hopes up for the movie and sure don’t want to be disappointed. But is it really going to be a big success? Are we all supposed to be thrilled because it’s about the biggest hip-hop legend in history? When answering this question, several things have to be considered.

First of all, the writing. A movie of this caliber, which is supposed to accurately depict a certain complexity mirrored in Tupac’s character, a charismatic, violent art school student turned thug, requires the very best Hollywood can offer. And judging from the fact that we’ve never even heard of the person responsible for the script, we doubt they have what it takes to bring Tupac’s character to life on the big screen.

Second, it just doesn’t seem like a good move to employ an amateur actor for the role of the most iconic rapper ever. The fact that Shipp has been taking acting classes four times a week to prepare for the role tells us that he might not be experienced enough to pull off the role the way a professional actor could. We have a feeling that whoever is in charge of casting is more concerned about how much the actor resembles Tupac than if he’ll be able to do a good job.

And finally, inexperienced directorship. This is the most important aspect, as director Benny Boom is best known for directing 50 Cent’s music videos, not full-length films. ”All Eyez On Me” requires depth and experience, as well as a director who really knows what he’s doing.

Then again, maybe we’re wrong. What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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