Hot Pursuit Is All Kinds Of Bad



We went in wanting to like Hot Pursuit. It seemed like a funny-enough, benign girl buddy comedy and the trailer offered a few laughs. It turns out that the movie is just bad. There is simply no other word for it. It is bad from top to bottom, from left to right and any other way you cut it.

For one, the plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. People turn up in places where they have no reason to be, just to move the plot along. The loose ends are tied up so clumsily that it makes V.I.P. (TV show with Pamela Anderson from late 90s) look like it was made by Hitchcock. Apart from Witherspoon and Vergara, everyone seems to be struggling with their roles.

The worst thing about it is that it is not funny in any way. The jokes fall flat 99% of the time and the only jokes that work are in the trailer.

Ironically enough, however, the movie is not even bad enough to be good.

It’s just a huge mess and it is just unbelievable it actually got released.


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