Is Adam Sandler Finally Done In Hollywood?



Of course, Adam Sandler has never been a comedic genius. His movies have always been pretty dumb, but they were funny and, more importantly, he had a fan base. He was the king of dumb comedy for college kids in the 1990s, with cult favorites like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy providing laughs for anyone who enjoyed that brand of comedy.

But lately, he’s been making some pretty terrible movies. With his new movie Pixel, which is completely bombing at the box office, we might be seeing the end of Sandler.

The movie cost Sony $110 million to make and it made only $25 million in its first week. Terrible reviews make it unlikely for movie viewers to start watching it anytime soon.

Frankly, he’s been releasing tons of flops lately and Sony is probably all but done with him. Why invest in someone who isn’t going to make you any money? It’s time to hang it up and call it a career, Adam.

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