Is There An Actual Link Between Prometheus And Alien?



Ever since news leaked about the Prometheus movie, people have been guessing about how it will be tied to Alien, since it was announced as a prequel of sorts. And even after the movie came and went, not many questions were answered directly. Although, Ridley has admitted to a very small link.

In an interview, he mentioned that corporations own the future in Alien and in Blade Runner. In Alien, the company is called Weyland-Yutani, and in Prometheus, Guy Pierce’s character’s name is Peter Weyland.

Granted, this is a pretty disappointing answer for most die-hard fans and if you scan the Internet, you’ll be able to find tons off fan discussions and theories as to possible deeper connections between the two movies.

Maybe one day we will be getting a more direct and involved answer from Scott – or maybe he’ll agree with a fan hypothesis. Until then, we’ll have to wait and try to figure it all out by ourselves.

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