Is Will Smith Becoming NFL’s Greatest Enemy?



Okay, it will probably not be Will himself as he is only starring in the movie called Concussion, but people involved in making the movie will definitely not be the favorite people in the eyes of NFL bigshots.

The reason? The fact that Concussion might turn out to be the biggest PR disaster for the National Football League. The movie, which is coming out on Christmas, is a dramatization of the research done by Dr. Bennet Omalu on the negative effects of head impacts that all NFL players suffer on regular basis.

His research was previously covered in an article in GQ magazine, written by Jeanne Marie Laskas. According to the research, a staggering percentage of former NFL players develop a condition called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This condition has been found to cause changes in personality, dementia and suicidal tendencies.

The league has been on its toes ever since they heard about the movie which has already been getting some serious exposure in the media. The latest rumors speak of Sony Picture’s compromises which they are, allegedly, making to the final cut, so as to avoid legal problems with the NFL.

In any case, the CTE cases are well-documented and there can be no debate about Dr. Omalu’s research. Therefore, we are totally behind this movie. Movies should ask uncomfortable questions.


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