Jennifer Lawrence Says Paparazzi Make Her Anxious And Scared



Jennifer Lawrence, who unlike ScarJo, doesn’t mind her nickname JLaw, talked about being famous and certain inconveniences that come with it.

The actress says that being constantly surrounded by paparazzi is certainly something that comes with fame but it doesn’t make it any easier for those who are experiencing it. She says that she feels extremely anxious and even afraid every time she opens her door and has to face a dozen paparazzi or when she walks down the street stalked or downright surrounded by ten men at a time.

Lawrence says that she did not expect this kind of reaction to the paparazzi from herself and her body, adding that she constantly feels the adrenaline pulsing through her whenever she is confronted by the cameras.

The gorgeous actress jokingly added that she doesn’t want to complain or sound like one of those rich, successful people who always whine about their lives, but added that the public should try to understand them, instead of just saying “Shut up, millionaires!”

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