Joe Dirt 2 Will Be Predictably Terrible



Does the world really need another Joe Dirt movie? Apparently, star David Space believes that we could all benefit from another dose of the mullet-headed redneck. If you’ve never seen the original, all you really need to know is that most critics agree that it’s an absolutely wretched movie.

But it does have a cult following, like most bad movies do. So Spade has decided to resurrect the character.

So what happens in Joe Dirt 2? Apparently, he is now a time traveler. In a very Wizard of Oz-esque happening, Joe’s family and trailer are taken to another time and place with the help of a tornado.

Who knows what will happen next. All we can really be sure of is that there will be tons of toilet humor involved – fart jokes by the ton.

Spade actually managed to get Christopher Walken and Patrick Warburton to appear in the movie too, so there’s that.

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