Joe Roth Would Not Have Produced Maleficent If Jolie Refused The Role



The producer of Disney’s new feature Maleficent, would not have filmed the movie if Angelina Jolie turned down the leading role.

Jolie accepted to play the witch from whose perspective a re-telling of the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty was narrated.

Joe Roth has the recipe for success in the fairy tale blockbuster cinema, as he is behind projects such as Alice in Wonderland and Snow White.

The celebrated producer kept the role in mind for Jolie exclusively, and he approached her with the offer. If she had said no to the part, he would not have even started looking for a director.

Tim Burton was offered to direct it, but the talks weren’t fruitful. Robert Stromberg was eventually chosen to film the movie.

He is famous for directing blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007), The Hunger Games (2012) and The Golden Compass (2007). Also, Jude Law was taken into consideration to play King Stefan before Sharlto Copley was cast.

Roth addressed the papers, “She seemed like the only person who could play the part. There was no point in making the movie if it wasn’t her.”

“I went to her house and I saw her kids and one of the kids had horns on and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a good sign!’ Someone else in her family said she’d always wanted to play the part as a kid. I thought, ‘Great, here’s the opportunity’.”

“I said I’d produce it and we’d work together and make sure we made a good movie. She said, ‘Yes’.”

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