John Leguizamo Left ‘Fingertip-less’ While Making Chef



Funnyman and actor John Leguizamo has a very painful memory of the time he was filming the movie Chef, as he chopped off the end of his finger in a kitchen scene.

The star insisted he would be doing all of the kitchen scenes by himself, chopping, cooking and preparing food. He even signed up for work in New York’s The Lion restaurant to master his culinary skills.

He now has a different look on kitchen and the ritual of making food.

He told WENN, “I was lucky, I only chopped off a little piece of my finger chopping. I didn’t chop off a whole finger. Cooking is a dangerous game; there’s hot oil, burning stoves, sharp Japanese and German knives everywhere. You can really hurt somebody or yourself.

I also burned myself a ton but tried not to curse on film. We were cooking for real. Obviously they gave me things that I could handle. I really macerated a pig and decapitated it and did a lobotomy on it! I cut through the neck with a saw and it was tough. It was like murdering an animal.”

He also said the crew and staff significantly gained weight during the making of the movie, because everything was prepared before the scene and was eaten at big set parties.

He said, “Nothing was thrown away. Everything was cooked and ate (sic) by the crew, us, the extras. On camera I was taking tiny little bites but off camera I gained 20 pounds while making this movie from eating Cubanos, beignets, pralines… I was 184 pounds, which was a lot for me.”

“(Director) Jon Favreau is a food pusher. He’s like a Jewish mom: ‘Come on, you gotta try this. Eat a little bit more. Come on!’

Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll have another Cuban sandwich, which is my fifth one today!’ That’s a lot of carbs (carbohydrates).”

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