Josh Trank To Direct Star Wars



It has been officially announced that Josh Trank will direct a second Star Wars standalone film. It was announced by the production studio on Wednesday.

The 29-year old has built up an impressive resume in the genre in just two years. He has written and directed the surprise 2012 super hero hit “Chronicle” and the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed which characters will appear in the movies, but speculation has included fan favorite Jedi Master Yoda.

Trank emerged as a major genre director with the success of the 2012 super hero flick, ‘Chronicle.’

The magic of the Star Wars Universe defined my entire childhood,” Trank said in a statement.

The opportunity to expand on that experience for future generations is the most incredible dream of all time.

Back in 2012, he told Rolling Stone about how the Star Wars short happened at a point in his life when he was watching three movies a day but not making any of his own, “I had big ambitions to borrow money from people to make shorts, but nobody paid money for shorts. One day I said, ‘I don’t care — I’m just going to borrow a camera and do some weird idea.’ I called up a couple of friends and got five people together one weekend. We spent literally $80 on it, borrowing some fake light sabers and some cheap stormtrooper costumes. I did all the rotoscoping myself, drawing every frame of the light saber effects by hand.”

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