Julie Andrews’s Ankle Surgery Behind Her Passing Up Wolf Of Wall Street Role



Dame Julie Andrews, a British actress of an older generation, had to pass on her role in Wolf of Wall Street because of an ankle surgery that couldn’t be postponed. This would have been a major role for the actress, as the movie received many Academy Awards nominations.

Remembered for her Oscar-winning role in Marry Poppins, and Oscar-nominated The Sound of Music, Andrews was offered a small part in this major film. The role would give her a chance to kiss one of the most popular bachelors in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio. Considering her age, this would have been one of the most unlikely kisses on screen in recent history.

The pleasure of kissing Leo was then offered to Joanna Lumley, the reason being that De Palma was a huge fan of the actress. The first choice for the role was bed-bound during the filming of the box office hit, recovering from her ankle surgery.

Andrews revealed her troubles to Britain’s Birmingham Post newspaper, “I’ve had problems for a long time with my ankle, after I twisted it many years ago. With general wear and tear it got worse, and eventually it just had to be taken care of. I was finding it very hard to walk, I was hanging on to anything I could find. I didn’t like what I saw for the future. So I had the operation nearly two years ago. I’m fully recovered now, but I wasn’t over it when I got the Wolf of Wall Street offer. I would love to have been part of the film but I couldn’t, alas. It was a really tough choice but I didn’t feel up to it. I was still having a hard time getting about, so very regretfully I had to decline the offer. I’m sure Joanna Lumley was fabulous in the role.”

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