Justin Lin To Direct New Star Trek Movie



Paramount has decided to give the new, third installment of its Star Trek franchise a bit of an edge. The movie production company has decided that Justin Lin, best known for the Fast and Furious franchise, will be the new director.

The filmmaker is responsible for directing the sixth installment of Fast and Furious, which made tons of money for Paramount – over $788 worldwide.

The first two Star Trek movies were directed by J.J. Abrams, who currently has his hands full with directing the new the Star Wars movie. It was first announced that writer Roberto Orci would be directing the new Star Trek movie, but the company decided to give it to Lin, who will no doubt make it more exciting and faster than before.

Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk in the first two, is not sure about the third one, but said that he will surely be on board once they start making it. He said that as far as he knows, it will be filmed next year, but he knows nothing about the plot or story just yet.

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