Kevin From Home Alone Is Now A Traumatized Adult


Twenty five years have passed since we first saw Home Alone, the cult Christmas movie that became a huge success around the world and made Macaulay Culkin internationally famous. In the classic movie, Kevin finds hilarious and ingenious ways to fend off burglars and we can’t help but laugh as we watch the youngster outsmarting the vilains.

Something about the film seems a bit harsh, though. Being completely alone at his age while his home is being broken into must have been really scary. In fact, it must have been a traumatic experience, right?

This is exactly what Jack Dishel had in mind when he wrote episode 1 of his comedy web-series called DRYVRS. The episode features an adult Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), who has become a total nervous wreck and married his childhood sweetheart, a woman who is an on-demand car service driver. She asks Kevin to fill in for her, even though he doesn’t know how to drive a car. Then when Jack, his passenger, shows up, Kevin starts complaining to him about his wife and about his neglecting mother, which brings us to the events of the original movie.
This is a remarkably funny episode and a great, original spin on the film.

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