Kevin Hart Shares Blooper From New Movie



If there is a Hollywood actor that you might not want to anger, then it’s probably Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s a huge guy. He’s especially large when you compare him to his co-star in the new movie “Central Intelligence,” the diminutive comedian Kevin Hart.

Hart just shared a clip from the set on social media in which he “almost kills” The Rock. In the clip, he shuts a door on set way too hard, which results in pieces of the ceiling falling off and hitting Johnson on the head.

Hart said that he can laugh about it now, because thankfully Johnson did not get hurt. However, he admitted that he was incredibly scared when it happened. Sure, he was scared that his friend would get hurt. But he was probably just as scared of what would happen to him at the hands of The Rock if the accident did result in an injury.

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