Kevin Spacey To Play Johnny Carson?



The rumors and speculations are true: Kevin Spacey has been offered the main role in a biopic of Johnny Carson, which he said he would accept only if the script meets his standards.

If he takes the part, this Oscar winner could finally perfect his famous impersonation of Johnny Carson, whom some believe is the greatest showman in history. Spacey has already proven himself worthy of getting this role, but he will only accept it if it meets his high standards.

The famous Hollywood actor will not take a bad or overly adapted script because he believes Johnny deserves something more edgy.

As he has told the Hollywood Reporter, “If (NBC) wants to start writing as if they’re a cable network, then absolutely I’d do it, but I’m afraid it would just be too marshmallow, and Johnny deserves something that’s tougher with more expletives.”

For such a famous entertainer, Carson has had an amazingly private life, which the director and screenwriter want to examine in detail. However, a veil of mystery encircles his life.

The movie’s working title is Carson the Magnificent. The biographical movie is going to be based on the book, which is yet to be released.

Spacey told the press that he is more than happy to do another Carson impersonation, but only if NBC makes it worth his time. NBC reportedly plans to do a mini series and Spacey believes that the artistic value could be lost in the adaptation process, and that the audience will not see Carson they way it should.

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