Kidman’s Grace Of Monaco Slammed By Critics



Nicole Kidman’s newest movie Grace of Monaco hasn’t satisfied critics at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Wednesday, May 14.

Her work has also been criticized by Monaco’s royal family, and it prompted film reviewers to pick apart her performance as actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly.

Peter Bradshaw of Britain’s Guardian was the harshest reviewer of director Olivier Dahan’s movie, naming it “so awe-inspiringly wooden that it is basically a fire-risk“.

Of Nicole’s performance, he said the Australian star spends her time “wafting around the Palace with dewy-eyed features and slightly parted lips which make her look like a grown-up Bambi after a couple of cocktails, suddenly remembering his mother’s violent death in the forest.

The London Telegraph has even awarded the film with one star, naming it “a fantastically silly melodrama“, insisting Kidman, though “terrifically talented” cannot “convincingly express… a role built on naivety”.

The Hollywood Reporter’s reviewer said the film is “dull”. He also added, “It’s a stiff, stagey, thuddingly earnest affair, which has generated far more drama off screen than on“.

Prince Albert of Monaco and his sisters savaged Nicole’s portrayal of their mother in a statement released last week, even saying the movie was a “farce”.

Obviously I feel sad, because … the film has no malice. As with a lot of these things you take dramatic licenses. [But] the performance was done with love,” said the actress.
It was a such a great opportunity,” she added. “I think my whole career I’m always looking for things that put me on a high wire, and this was one of those roles.”

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