LA Crowds Excited To See The Interview



A lot of people are wondering if anyone would have cared about The Interview if there was no scandal behind it. But one thing is for sure, the controversy surrounding the movie has definitely made it a must-watch this season.

Sony first decided to pull the movie from theaters after they received threats that terrorist actions would be taken against movie theaters showing the movie that mocks North Korea and its leader.

However, earlier this week, Sony decided to release The Interview on streaming sites, and now it’s in theaters as well.

There were tons of people lining up to see the premier of the movie in Los Angeles on Thursday. A couple theaters help a midnight screening on Thursday, while a majority in the LA area claimed that they would be showing the film throughout the day on Friday and onward.

If you want to stream it, you can get it through YouTube Movies, Google Play, Xbox Video, and a bunch of other popular streaming sites.

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