Let’s Remember All The Times Tarantino Was Brutally Honest In 2015



A good director sometimes has to be able to say exactly what’s on their mind, with no beating around the bush whatsoever. After all, that’s how good movies are made. Quentin Tarantino has a habit of taking this a bit too far, however, and he often bashes just about anything he doesn’t agree with. 2015 has been a year of many controversies associated with Tarantino and it doesn’t look like the director is going to slow down anytime soon.

For example, when appearing on The Howard Stern Show, he had the courage to accuse Disney, one of the biggest film studios in the world, of extortion. Tarantino claimed that by forcing ArcLight Cinemas to show “The Force Awakens” at the Cinerama Dome throughout the holiday season, Disney has broken the contract it had with him to play “The Hateful Eight.”

Things also got pretty heated when Quentin responded to black critics that didn’t like his movie ”Django Unchained.” In his own words, he “couldn’t care less about their savage think pieces.” Kind of rash to dismiss a whole group of critics based on their skin color, but hey, this is Tarantino after all. He claimed that he did this because critics were constantly referring to his skin color and he had just about enough of that.

a katz / Shutterstock.com

a katz / Shutterstock.com

When asked about ”True Detective,” he responded in a classic director-like manner and simply said it was plain awful and boring. He was even bothered by the trailer, saying that it’s way too serious for his tastes.

However, this still might be the least controversial statement he’s made this year because critics didn’t like season two all that much anyway. But when he actually praised the reviled HBO show “The Newsroom” in the same interview, he outright bashed TV criticism, saying that no one in their right mind would review the pilot episode of a show as they’re never any good. He didn’t stop at TV and cinema with his brutal criticism, though. When asked about police brutality, he outright called the police murderers and said that they should be sent to jail for their crimes.

Quentin has really said a lot of stuff over the year and we think you get the picture. In a way, we’re glad that someone like Tarantino has this much access to public media where he can state his opinion for all to hear. In a world where euphemisms are just a bit too common and everyone is being pressured to be politically correct, it’s refreshing to have some brutal honesty thrown at us once in a while.

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