Looking Back at Spielberg’s “Hook”



If you talk to people who grew up in the 90s, they will probably have a soft sport for Steven Spielberg’s 1991 reimagining of the Peter Pan story “Hook.”

But looking back at its release, it seems that most people didn’t like it that much. In fact, Spielberg has gone on record saying that he was not happy with the way it turned out. Critics mostly panned it, no pun intended, saying that it was drawn out and difficult to watch at times, which it was.

But it didn’t really flop. It cost about $70 million to make and ended up earning $300 million worldwide, which was a lot by 1990s standards. And while people might not have been comfortable with Peter Pan as a middle-aged man and bad father, it seems that kids who watched it at the right time in their childhoods identified with it and still love it today.

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