‘Love, Rosie’ Is Yet Another Rom-Com Cliche, But It’s Actually Funny




Written by Cecelia Ahern, a women who created Samantha Who series, Love, Rosie may be that standard issue romantic comedy, the genre that always goes well with the viewers, but  the main story and acting differentiate it from other generic rom/coms. Especially those obnoxiously commercial that can be smelled from a mile away. 

Ahhh the friendzone, a subject that’s so prominent nowadays is also the main theme of this movie. Rosie and Alex have been friends since they were five years old, and their friendship slowly started to evolve to something more, something much, much more. As love would have it, if you’re destined for someone, life and love will take care of it.

This is one of those movies that you can watch almost on repeat, especially if you’re in a mood for such a thing. The next couple of movies will take you to the eighties, that certainly influenced this movie, at least directing-wise. However the most important thing when it comes to rom/coms is the chemistry between the main actors and Lily Collins and Sam Claflin definetivly have it.

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