Mad Max: Fury Road Proves Value Of Practical Special Effects



Pretty much everyone who goes out to see Mad Max: Fury Road comes back amazed and awe-struck. People return from watching the new George Miller movie the same way they came back in the old days of cinema when movies could still be this huge events in people’s lives. And a huge part of the movie’s appeal and a huge reason why it is such a visceral and unique experience is that everything that could be done practically was done practically.

The director himself, Miller, wanted to ensure an experience and as a veteran of action movies, he knew that people still want to see real action, even if they do not know it. We have all seen myriad modern action movies that made us feel someehow detached and that would not pull us into their world.

One of the reasons for this is the overuse of CGI effects that are still not quite as good as the real thing and that do not allow us to realize the relationships in space and time, what the effects of various stunts would have on a human body and other stuff that we feel without rationally knowing it.

Of course, this is not saying that all special effects in the new Mad Max are practical, but wherever stuntmen and practical special effects team could accomplish something, they were allowed to.

Guy Norris, the guy who singlehandedly did all of the stunts on Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior way back and who knows everything about stunt work and special effects has put it best:

“George foresaw that people were getting tired of CG. You know, the Charlie’s Angels upside down on a motorcycle with explosions behind them: There’s just no base in reality, no peril. The Matrix movies were very good, but a little soft.”

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