Maleficent: Most Beloved Villain



The new movie, written by Alice in Wonderland screenwriter Linda Woolverton and directed by Alice and Avatar production designer Robert Stromberg, presents a more sympathetic motivation for Maleficent’s cruelty.

Sharlto Copley portrays King Stefan, a person much more complicated man than the good king of the original story.

Elle Fanning is the beautiful and cursed Aurora, and 14-year old English actress Isobelle Molloy, is playing young Maleficent.

The story says ‘Good King Stefan’,” Woolverton says. “I thought, ‘Well, what’s so good about him? Maybe he isn’t so good, looking at the whole thing upside down from her point of view. Nobody has to be who they profess to be.

Introduced in the film as an awkwardly large, nature-loving fairy child, Maleficent doesn’t seem to fit in with the other fairies, particularly a trio of teeny flibbertigibbets played by Imelda Staunton, Lesley Manville and Juno Temple.

But, apart from her name, there’s little to hint her dark future, until she experiences a deeply metaphoric betrayal that hardens her.

What I was searching for was, what on earth happened in this woman’s life that she would be so driven to curse a baby?” Woolverton says.

We had to see the human being in her. She can’t just be charging around being mean from the beginning to the end. Who cares? We might as well just do the original movie. To me it’s more interesting to show all the facets of womankind.
You’re vulnerable and you have pain. Things happen to you, and you take them to heart. Things change you, but you can change back.

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