Mark Hamill Confirms He’ll Be Appearing In Episode VIII


Mark Hamill

Due to Mark Hamill’s absence from all of the trailers of the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” so far, it still remains a mystery whether Luke Skywalker will appear in the first film of the new trilogy. However, Hamill shed some light on things today.

Here’s what he wrote on his Twitter page:

” Last shaved on 10/22 after final day of my 2nd #TheFlash (which airs 12/8 #XmasTrix), just in time for Ep VIII-whew!”

So now we know that Luke will indeed appear in episode VIII, if not in “The Force Awakens.” And he’ll be keeping his glorious beard, which is always a plus. In response to a question from a fan on Twitter, the 64-year-old actor admitted that he hasn’t had a shave in a month because of the part, and we already know that that is indeed one of the requisites of Luke Skywalker’s character.

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Skywalker will be appearing in the new saga, it is the first confirmation from the actor who is playing the character himself, and that’s much more than just a rumor.

Luke Skywalker’s fate is one of the biggest mysteries in the upcoming films, and there have been countless rumors as to what will happen to him. Despite all that, J.J. Abrams has been doing an amazing job at keeping the mystery, well, just that – a mystery, and no one will really know what happens until we see (or don’t see) Hamill’s face on the big screen a few weeks from now.

That being said, this small piece of information is as big a tease as it can get – just enough to get us even more warmed up for the continuation of one of the most cherished film sagas in history, yet not nearly enough to demystify anything. Hamill and Abrams clearly know what they’re doing!

Another speculation given by many fans is that Luke might be the primary antagonist in the new series and that the person behind the mask of Kylo Ren is, in fact, Skywalker himself. This seems a bit unlikely seeing as the role was already given to another actor. However, if this is the case, this means that Ren/Skywalker will also live to see episode VIII.

In any case, anything is still possible, and most of the saga remains a mystery until J.J. Abrams himself gives the green light. Nice tease, Mark – we’re very glad to see more of you in Episode VIII!


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