Mark Millar Wants To Make Ultra-Violent Hit Girl Movie



Mark Millar has been wanting to make a spin-off movie featuring the super hero Hit Girl ever since “Kick-Ass” became a raging success. However, he is not sure whether he is going to make it, but he does have some ideas.

Sure, “Kick-Ass 2” might have been a pretty bland sequel, but Millar still thinks that people want to see more of the little girl crime fighter Hit Girl. However, Millar said that while he does have some ideas, nothing is concrete yet.

His ideas sound pretty exciting, though. According to Millar, the Hit Girl spin-off movie that he is planning would make “Kick-Ass” look like “Finding Nemo.” He said that his ideas are all incredibly violent and the movie might not get made, just because it could be potentially terrifying.

Millar said it would also be a good time to reintroduce Hit Girl to the public, since movies like the Hunger Games with very violent female leads have become popular in the industry.

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