Mark Wahlberg Offers Apology To Pope For Making “Ted”



If you aren’t really paying attention, you might think that Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” is actually a children’s movie. After all, it does feature a fluffy teddy bear as one of the main characters. But if you’ve actually watched it, then you know that it’s a movie that should be strictly watched by adults, since it’s a pretty rude and crude comedy with a lot of swearing and raunchy jokes.

Star of the movie, Mark Wahlberg, considers himself to be a good Catholic. So it’s no wonder that he was the host of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, which the pope himself attended last week.

A 14-year-old boy named Bobby Hill sang an opera solo at the event and told Wahlberg backstage that he really enjoyed “Ted.”

During his speech, Wahlberg told that anecdote and added that he made sure to tell Hill that the movie was not appropriate for kids his age, adding a “Holy Father, please forgive me.”

Say your prayers, Bobby!


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