Matt Damon Confirms There Will Be Fourth Bourne Movie



Matt Damon has officially confirmed that there will be another Bourne movie and that it will feature him, reprising the title character, and Paul Greengrass directing again. The breaking of this news might not have been planned though – it seems that Damon’s best buddy, Ben Affleck, blurted it out in an interview with E! News recently, saying that, while he is not exactly in great shape anymore, Damon would be doing another Bourne movie next autumn.

Whether or not this was planned, Matt Damon had to comment and he confirmed that the movie would be shot in 2016 and that it will come out in the same year.

He also confirmed that Paul Greengrass would again be at the helm. This will be the third Bourne film for him and the fourth for Matt Damon.

The previous part of the series, The Bourne Ultimatum, was released in 2007 and the spin-off with Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy, came out in 2012.

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