Michael Jackson Hologram Stunt At Billboard Music Awards



The late superstar and pop king Michael Jackson is set to return to the stage after a Nevada judge gave the organizers at the Billboard Music Awards green light to bring him back to life, but only as a hologram on Sunday, May 18.

Businessman Alki David, who controls the rights to the hologram technology filed suit against Jackson’s estate executors as well as Billboard Music awards bosses. He demanded the tribute be called off over allegations it would violate his patent rights.

With the lawsuit, he only threw in doubt the plan to resurrect the icon to mark the fifth anniversary of his death.

He advocated that if the star’s resurrection was allowed to take place at Las Vegas, it would ruin his own plans to throw a spectacle with Jackson’s hologram at a later date.

His demand was denied on Friday, May 16 when Judge Kent Dawson ruled against him due to lack of evidence. His bid to stop the event, was also aimed at celebrating the release of the star’s new posthumous album Xscape.

And now, finally, Billboard bosses have been given permission to go on with the planned spectacle.

It is expected to be similar to the eerie Tupac Shakur stunt at the 2012 Coachella music festival in California, where the dead music star appeared onstage alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in hologram form.

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