Minions Break Records Overseas



Even though the movie hasn’t even opened in the US yet, the new Minions movie is making a killing overseas. According to the latest numbers, it’s the most successful animated feature film in the UK ever. It already blew by the new Jurassic Park movie in England.

Minions made $18.2 million internationally last week, which is double what the Jurassic Park movie made. This breaks the international record of $18 million that Toy Story 3 set back in 2010.

If this success across the pond is any indication, then the Minions movie is sure to be a huge success in America as well.

Sure, there are no other big movies coming out and Jurassic Park has been in the theaters from three weeks now, but there’s no denying that Minions is already a huge success and is performing a lot better than most even expected.

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