Minions – Not As Good As They Want You To Think



We all know how popular Minions are, and most of us are probably sick of them. Hopefully we can get a bit of a break from them after this movie, but considering it’s making a killing at the box office right now, probably not.

One of the worst things about this movie is that if you’ve seen the trailer, there is really no reason to watch the entire movie. About 80 percent of the funniest things that happen in the movie are already shown in the trailer. Plus, after the trailer, you already know what the Minions’ conflict is and how they plan to solve it.

But in the end, you end up very let down. It’s just not as funny or as clever as you hoped that it would have been. And if you compare them to the “Despicable Me” movies in terms of sheer quality and entertainment value, then it’s not even close.

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