New Bond Film to Be Most Expensive Yet


New "Casino Royale" James Bond Is Unveiled

According to sources close to the movie, MGM Studios is trying to decrease costs for the new James Bond movie that is being filmed. The 24th Bond movie, which we now know will be called“Spectre” and will star Daniel Craig again, is estimated to cost significantly more than $300 million in the end.

Some people are saying that it is going to cost in the mid $300 millions. Now we all know that Bond movies are expensive, but this sounds almost unreasonable. The last Bond movie, “Skyfall,” was really expensive, and the most expensive one to date. And it cost about $210 million.

So how are they trying to cut spending? Some suggestions include shooting a night scene in London instead of Rome, cutting out the rain in the final scene to cut effects costs, and showing a more modern side of Mexico in order to earn some financial incentives from the government by doing so.

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