New Gucci Short Film Features James Franco Wooing Underage Model



James Franco says he’s feeling embarrassed once again following the launch of Gucci’s new short film, which he directed himself, and in which he pursues a model.

Last week, the movie star underwent huge media pressure, after the 35 year old tried to hook up online with an underage schoolgirl, Lucy Claude from Scotland. He started a conversation with the 17 year old girl which produced loads of enraged comments, as well as some questions as to why any person would use Instagram to make such a move.

Franco later claimed that all of this has caused him embarrassment, and is the result of poor judgment. He now says that he has learned his lesson, and wasn’t thinking clearly when he invited the young Scot to his hotel room for a sleepover.

Franco is now feeling embarrassed once again after posting a short movie he directed and appeared in on Instagram earlier this week. The 127 Hours star was portrayed as trying to court a woman at a Hollywood hotspot, the Chateau Marmont. The woman he pursues was played by 28-year-old model Natalia Bonifacci.The embarrassment ensued due to similarities with another campaign video for the sunglasses brand Techno Color, which features the same couple in the same situation – Franco watching Bonifacci in the swimming pool and following her through the garden. The two kiss in front of a Gucci billboard, and drive away in his sports car.

Franco has been cooperating with Gucci for a long time – since 2009. He produced a documentary about Italian fashion house creative director, Frida Giannini, in 2013.

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