New James Bond Movie Ready To Start Filming This Winter



After a two-year hiatus (not typical for such a profitable franchise), the world’s favorite secret agent returns for the 24th installment of the James Bond movies.

Not many details are known so far – we know that the filming will start on December 6, that Daniel Craig will once again be the star, and that Sam Mendes, who directed the previous Bond movie, “Skyfall,” will return for this one.

The movie will also star Ralph Fiennes as M and Naomie Harris will return as Miss Moneypenny. The movie was supposed to start shooting sooner, but Sam Mendes was busy and the producers decided to wait until he clears his schedule, obviously not wishing to change the winning formula achieved with “Skyfall,” the highest-grossing Bond movie ever.

No names for the new movie have been leaked yet either and there has still been no confirmation on whether the film is going to be released by the end of 2015 or not.

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