New Jurassic Park Teaser Might Give Old Fans The Chills



We’ve noticed recently that the marketing for the newest Jurassic Park movie is really trying to reel in the fans of the first movie. There is a lot of nostalgia on display and many links to the first film being shown, in an effort to get the old fans interested in the franchise again.

And it seems to be working. The latest trailer offers more of the same, with Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond character doing the voice-over for the duration of the clip. As fans know, Attenborough died last year, so the clip is made up of spliced clips of the actor’s voice from the archives.

Also, earlier trailers showed that there is a status of Hammond erected in the new Jurassic World.

Will the new movie be as great as the first? Probably not. The 1993 film is an absolute classic and one of Steven Spielberg’s defining achievements. But hopefully the new one won’t tarnish it’s legacy.

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