New Magic Mike Movie Won’t Include McConaughey



“Magic Mike” fans will be disappointed, if not downright devastated, to learn that Matthew McConaughey will not be returning to reprise his role of Dallas in the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, scheduled for release in the summer of 2015.

Despite claiming from sources that McConaughey is now “too cool for school” after he won an Oscar, the actual reasons for his absence from the sequel are unknown. The sequel will also have a different director – Steven Soderbergh will be replaced by Gregory Jacobs, who says that the movie will be quite different from the first once.

He wouldn’t disclose much, but he did say it will be a road movie. Soderbergh will not remove himself completely from the project. As he said in an interview for GQ a few months ago, he wants to participate, but not as a director this time. Other than McConaughey, the sequel should have pretty much the same cast and crew as the first movie

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