No One Cares About These 2000s Actors Anymore



2. Nick Stahl

Nick Stahl first became sort of famous in the 1990s as a child actor, but it wasn’t until the 2000s that his career really started to pick up. He was at the peak of his fame when he was chosen to replace Edward Furlong as John Connor for the third Terminator movie, which was one of the most coveted roles for actors his age back in 2003.

He then had a smaller role in Sin City which was something of a surprise hit in 2005. After that, things haven’t really gone his way and his movies started getting crappier and crappier as years rolled by.

For example, one of the largest movies he’s been in in the last 5 years was Mirrors 2, a n inferior sequel to an already pretty lame horror which starred Kiefer Sutherland. Just to illustrate a point, four of his movies from 2010 do not even have Wikipedia pages.

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