‘NSync And The Backstreet Boys To Star in Zombie Movie?



Get ready for the movie event of the decade. Remember ‘Nsync and The Backstreet Boys? They were the two biggest boy bands of the 90s and also, the biggest musical rivals of the decade as well. But that all could change.

According to rumors, the two boy bands are going to set their differences aside and team up to battle zombies! Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has been quoted as saying that it’s going to be a “zombie Western futuristic horror movie.”

Sounds pretty sweet, right? So who is making the movie? Well, the movie studio that brought you gems like Sharknado, of course, who else?

The movie is tentatively titled “Dead 7” and while not every member of both boy bands will be participating, of course Justin Timberlake won’t, we know that Carter and Fatone are on board from the ‘Nsync camp and that Howie and A.J. of the Backstreet Boys are interested.

Rumor has it that New Kids on the Block’s own Jordan Knight might also make a guest appearance!

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