Paddington Is A Childhood Remake That Lives Up To Expectation



Whenever a movie comes out that tackles a character from our beloved childhood, we tend to enter into watching it with extreme caution. But there is no need when it comes to Paddington, as the bear is a cute as ever and the new depiction of the timeless character is incredibly endearing.

But it’s much more than a cheap nostalgic trek, it’s a impeccably filmed modern version of the tale, thanks to the fact that it was tackled by producer David Heyman and writer-director Paul King, both of Harry Potter movie fame.

It’s as enjoyable for children as it is for adults. The kids are in for a fast and hilarious ride, while adults can enjoy an in-depth tale about the struggles of being an outsider in a world that is not eager to accept you.

Not only that, it’s visually stunning and carries the charm of the 1970s British television series with it while adding a classy dose of modernism with brilliant CGI effects.

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