Parody Done Right: 50 Shades Of Earl Grey



Unless you’re living on another planet, you certainly noticed all the hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey. You have people who love the book and love the movie, people who love the book and hate the movie, people who hate the book and love the movie and people who just hate both the book and the movie.

Consequently, a heated debate has swirled around the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey and we are about to see a completely different approach to the BDSM drama.

Much like the actual trailer and movie, 50 Shades of Earl Grey is an overly-intense video which combines the erotic side of the real movie and an obsessive love for Earl Grey tea.

‘Men can be weird. Tastes can be strange.’

The hilarious trailer was directed by Jameson Jordan and written by Matthew Hussey and Jameson Jordan.

Enjoy and don’t forget to drink your tea!

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