Penelope Cruz Will Be In Zoolander 2



Did you know that there is going to be a new Zoolander movie?

Not many people did! Ben Stiller has been keeping it kind of quite, but we now know that he is working on the sequel currently as both the star and director.

Of course, Stiller will be reprising his role as the dim-witted super model that the movie is named after. Sources close to the movie have also stated that both Will Farrell and Owen Wilson will be featured in the sequel as well. If you remember, they played designer Mugatu and Zoolander’s rival super model Hansel respectively in the first movie.

But one of the most surprising pieces of news related to the movie is that Spanish bombshell Penelope Cruz will be starting in it. There is no information out yet on who she will be playing and what her role will be in relation to Stiller’s character, but we definitely are looking forward to seeing what she can do.

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