Queen and Country Takes A Unique Look Into Korean War-era England



If you’re looking for a film set in wartime that is unlike most that adhere to that description, this should be the one. It’s actually a sequel to director John Boorman‘s “Hope and Glory” from 1987, but even if you have not seen that one, “Queen and Country” stands mightily on its own.

However, we do recommend checking out the first film, as the experience will then become even more enjoyable. “Hope and Glory” follows a child in England during the Second World War, and this tale picks up in 1952, when Billy is now Bill, and no longer a child but a young man.

He is seemingly living a carefree life, but the Korean War begins and once again combat somehow enters his reality. Even though he has zero interest in joining the war, his conscription notice arrives and he is then off to boot camp.

However, the story is not about war. It’s about friendship and romance. Bill becomes fast friends with a man of similar spirited personality traits named Percy and the two enjoy very touching and sincere adventures together as they chase girls and get into trouble.

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