Re-Recording Lines For Movies Is Hard Work



A lot of people think that being a Hollywood star is easy and that making movies is all fun. But that’s not really true. Making a movie involves long hours of shooting, usually well over 12 hours a day.

But even when the movie is finished shooting, there’s still a lot of work to be done. As most people know, most dialogue in movies needs to be re-recorded in a recording studio after the shooting is over so that the sounds can be as crisp as the visuals. And of course, the actors have to perfectly sync and nail their delivery to match up exactly with the footage.

According to legendary Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, this is a very difficult process for him. According to Hanks, it sometimes takes him a couple hours just to record one line right. Hanks said that he usually spends an entire three days re-recording dialogue for each movie he makes.

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