Remembering The Hilarity Of Eddie Murphy’s Randy Watson


Even today, a lot of people know Eddie Murphy for the fact that he loves getting in the makeup room, changing his appearance and playing different characters. Of course, most people will first think of the Nutty Professor movies, where Murphy plays the entire family.

But before that, there was Coming to America. The hilarious comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, in which Murphy plays an African prince looking to find love in New York City.

While there are several scenes in the movie during which Murphy morphs into another character, no single scene is as funny as the “Sexual Chocolate” one. Murphy plays singer Randy Watson who performs like he’s Marvin Gaye, even though he is an absolutely terrible singer.

Singing with his band Sexual Chocolate, Watson does an ear-bleeding version of “The Greatest Love of All,” leaving the crowd uncomfortable and in pain. And the Jheri curls, oh the Jheri curls!

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