Revamped Rooney’s Disney’s Classic Set In Talks



Hollywood executives have decided to remake one of Mickey Rooney’s most beloved movies. They say they want to pay homage to the actor who has passed only days ago. According to the news, Disney has considered hiring David Lowrey who directed Ain’t Them Bodies Saints to revamp Rooney’s legendary Pete’s Dragon.

As reports, Disney first asked Lowrey to co-write the screenplay for the reimagined 1977 film last year, but after the death of the movie veteran, he’s the first in line to direct the remake. In the original movie, apart from Rooney, stars such as Shelley Winters, Helen Reddy and Jim Dale appeared. The movie focused on the relationship of the boy with an animated dragon.

Hollywood legend, Mickey Rooney died on Sunday, April 6th, aged 93. The actor was fighting a long illness, but died of natural causes. He married 8 times, and his first marriage was to Ava Gardner, and fathered 12 children. It is said that Disney’s Mickey Mouse was named after him.

This is not the first revamp of Rooney this year, as Meg Ryan, made her directorial debut in January, by adapting Ithaca, the Clarence Brown film starred by the beloved comedian. She will not only be directing the adaptation of Rooney’s classic, but will be co-starring with her You’ve Got Mail partner Tom Hanks, along with Sam Shepard, Melanie Griffith and her son Jack Quaid.

Recent revamps include the Muppets film franchise in 2011, and the Ben Stiller vehicle Night at the Museum in 2006.

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